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Refunds & Exchanges:

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on services once the services have commenced, been completed or a due to commence in less than 72 hours. Please see our policy on cancellations, rescheduling, missed appointments and running late below.

Running Late:

Clients who are running late for their session need to notify Zoe Rodrigues via phone call. Please note, we will not reimburse you of the time you’ve missed and any time not used due to your late arrival will be deducted from your session.

Missed Appointments & No-Shows:

If you fail to arrive at your appointment within the first half hour of your booking, we will attempt to reach you. If you cannot be reached, or you inform us you are not attending your session, your booking will be charged at its full rate and cancelled so other clients aren’t impacted. Please see the cancellation terms below.

If you have missed your appointment due to an emergency, it will be up to the discretion of Zoe Rodrigues as to whether the service fee will be refunded, or if your service will incur a rebooking fee. Those who fail to communicate at all as to why they did not arrive for their booked session will not be offered another booking.


If you need to cancel your service for any reason, we will gladly refund your session price, minus a 50% cancellation fee, provided at least 72 hours notice is given prior to your session commencing. Failure to cancel your session at least 72 hours prior to your session will result in the full service fee being charged.


We understand things pop up and you may need to reschedule your appointment. In order to offer you new dates and minimise inconvenience to other clients, our rescheduling policy is in place to reduce the flow-on impact and no-shows. We charge a 20% rescheduling fee for clients who notify Zoe Rodrigues of their need to change dates at least 72 hours prior to their session commencing.

If there is less than 72 hours until your booking, we charge a 40% rescheduling fee. Failure to notify your need to reschedule at all is considered a 'no-show' and will result in your full service being charged in full and we may not offer another appointment.

Misleading Information:

If you fail to notify us of any allergies, disability needs, specific needs or wants relating to your service (eg: only wants to shop in certain stores), prior to your session then we are not liable for fulfilling these needs. If you are shopping for a particular event, media appearance, you are to notify us prior to the session. Any weddings or media appearances will be charged with their specific services.

Stock Availability:

We always aim to find everything you’re after but we cannot guarantee to find and supply every item on your shopping list. All items are subject to in-store availability.

Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying or Disruptive Behaviour:

I strive to make a safe and happy environment for my clients and the staff I encounter when doing my job. While there are times that lines may be long, or a store is out of an item you would like and these things can be frustrating, I do not tolerate discriminatory or disruptive behaviour towards staff or myself and I do not tolerate harassment or bullying of myself or staff members in stores. If, during our session you partake in discriminatory behaviour, harassment or bullying or disruptive behaviour towards myself or any staff members in the stores we visit, I may terminate my service and you will not be offered to rebook.

Distribution Of Written Material:

Any written material given out as part of your service remains the intellectual property of Alarna Hope. If customers or clients are shown to share, reproduce, transmit, record, copy or steal our content, digital products, course or eBooks, for any reason, without any prior permission from Zoe Rodrigues we will pursue legal action to recover the costs and damages incurred.

Wardrobe Refresh & Virtual Shopping Lists:

The shopping list provided in any Wardrobe Refresh or Virtual Shopping service is time sensitive. Once the shopping list has been received it is the clients responsibility to read and shop from the list within a reasonable amount of time to prevent stock on your list from selling out. Zoe Rodrigues is not responsible for resupplying shopping lists in part or full for sold out items, once the list has been released. Clients are entitled to up to 5 revisions of individual items on their list, should they not like an item recommended. Any additional items requested after the home visit, outside of revision items, will be charged separately.

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