I'm Zoë Rodrigues, a personal stylist living in Edinburgh. I come from a family of artists and designers and, somewhat fittingly, I graduated with a Masters degree in the History of Arts at Aberdeen University.


Quite simply, I love clothes and all things fashion. More importantly, I love the happiness and joy that they can bring, no matter one's shape or size - and trust me, being a mother of three, my shape and size has changed a great number of times.


Over the years I have learned that what you wear can increase your confidence and self-esteem, meaning that you not only look great, you feel great too.

However, with so many trends and styles on offer, it can be difficult to understand what really flatters whilst complementing your lifestyle and maintaining your true identity.

I am here to help identify which colours, shapes and styles will bring out the very best in you, and I look forward to taking you on that journey... 

Zoe Rorigues Personal Stylist