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Summer style inspiration

Whether you're staying at home or travelling to warmer climes, there really is a summer style to suit any taste or lifestyle. From the romance of Bohemian florals to the sharpness of a tailored blazer-and-shorts combo… and everything in between.

No other wardrobe encapsulates those precious feelings of escapism and fun like a summer one. But, how do we strike that all important balance between a “flight of fancy” purchase and something that will last longer than our summer tan? My advice is to be brave - embrace the bold sunshine colours and prints but keep to the styles that flatter and bring out the best in you. 

We can be a little shy when it comes to florals and patterns, but we needn’t be if we make sure the print is in proportion to size. Larger prints are more flattering on curvier shapes, whereas smaller prints with lots of details can get lost.  Smaller prints can however, work well on scarves, bags and other accessories.

Just like patterns, bright colour can seem a bit daunting at first, but they’re phenomenal mood enhancers, and summer is the perfect time to wear them. Red suits most skin tones and works equally well on blonds and brunettes. White looks gorgeous too and is brilliant as an instant skin brightener; however, off-white or cream can be more flattering if you’re very pale.

Ultimately, a great summer wardrobe works equally well at home and abroad, as a light dress that is perfect for warmer climes, can still look amazing when paired with a cashmere wrap, a statement jacket or even tights and boots when back at home.The sun is out and the days are longer - it’s time to shine!

If you're looking for some inspiration with your summer wardrobe, please get in touch.

Safari print satin shirt dress by Pinko

Minaudière and leather print sandals by Zara


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