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How to wear Pantone's colour of the year... ultra violet!

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, “the Pantone Colour of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today”. 

I, for one, am not sure about that… but whether we buy the Pantone marketing malarkey or not, the colour is here to stay for at least the next 10 months or so, as demonstrated in Gucci’s 2018 Spring/ Summer collection. It was presented under ultra violet strobe light and included a number of head-to-toe ultra violet looks. Since then, many high street brands have followed.

Realistically though, the closest to ultra violet that most of us will dare get to, will be a somewhat tamer Purple. Still, the colour famously associated with royalty and Prince, is notoriously ‘challenging’ to wear. In fact, the only purple garment I could find at home that is remotely close to this ultra violet hue was my husband’s golfing trousers... 

So how do we wear Purple?  My suggestion for most of us is to use it sparingly. It’s most definitely a complex statement colour, making it ideal for accessories (think shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery). But for those of us with a more adventurous personality and style, I say go for it!

For example, as winter fades, Emilio Pucci’s purple trousers paired with a light coloured top and statement heels are sure to bring Spring to life! Alternatively, depending on your complexion, purple can be a great colour for a wedding outfit; it works especially well when worn with neutral tones like nudes and greys. And for the "shrinking violets" amongst us, who want to be on trend but not fully commit, Smith and Cult’s nail polish offers the perfect temporary solution. If in doubt, get in touch and I’ll be delighted to help finding the best approach for you.

Finally, however you choose to wear it, remember that the most important role of fashion is that it makes you look and feel good. Trying different colours every now and then can be refreshing and exciting, but only if it feels right. After all, regardless of what Pantone says, there are plenty of other colours out there. 


Trousers by Emilio Pucci @

Dress by Roland Mouret @

Nail polish by Smith & Cult @ SpaceNK

Shoes by Charlotte Olympia @


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